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Group Leader - Prof. Sheena E. Radford, OBE FMedSci FRS
Research Interests: Protein Folding and Misfolding.
BSc in Biochemistry, University of Birmingham; PhD Biochemistry, University of Cambridge; Royal Society University Research Fellow (Protein Folding) in the Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences; University Lecturer in the School of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Leeds; Reader in Structural Molecular Biology, University of Leeds; Professor of Structural Molecular Biology, University of Leeds.

The laboratory also accommodates the groups of Professor David Brockwell and Dr Anton Calabrese. Their own websites are:
Professor David Brockwell - Astbury Centre website - Faculty of Biological Sciences website
Dr Anton Calabrese - Astbury Centre website - Faculty of Biological Sciences website

Contact details:
Astbury Centre of Structural Molecular Biology, Garstang Building, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT
Tel: 0113 343 3170; FAX: 0113 343 3167;

Our support team
Helen McAllister
Helen is Prof Radford's PA. She organises the group and keeps everything coordinated. She can be contacted on 0113 343 7036
Helen McAllister
Nasir Khan
Nasir joined the group in 2010 as our lab manager. He keeps the lab running smoothly and hence is a key member of our research team. He has excellent skills in maintaining and developing our excellent equipment base and also works as the facility manager for the CD facility.
Nasir Khan
The Amyloid Team
Amyloid team
Ms Tamsin Baxter
Ms Tamsin Baxter
Ms Emily Byrd
Emily is doing her PhD in biological mass spectrometry of protein aggregation, focussing on alpha-synuclein. Using ion-mobility, hydrogen exchange, ligand binding, mutagenesis, and rapid cross linking, she is using MS methods to elucidate how and why alpha synuclein aggregates in Parkinson's disease. She is co-supervised by Prof Frank Sobott and funded by our White Rose BBSRC DTP. She joined in 2019.
Emily Byrd
Ms Katy Dewison
Funded by the MRC DiMeN Doctoral Training Programme, Katy joined us in November 2020 to investigate protein mis-folding and its toxic consequences by combining biochemistry with experiments in C. elegans. She obtained her Masters at the University of Edinburgh and has a BSc in Molecular Biology. Jointly supervised with Dr Patricija van Oosten Hawle, Katy is working on α-synuclein, amylin and β2-microglobulin amyloidoses.
Katy Dewison
Dr Rodrigo Gallardo
Rodrigo is a structrual biologist and biophysicist who joined the group in 2018, completing the amyloid team funded by The Wellcome Trust. He brings significant expertise in amyloid structure and formation, having worked previously in the groups of Joost Schymkowitz and Fred Rousseau at the VIB Switch Laboratory, K.U. Leuven. He is working on using cryo-EM and cryo-ET to analyse amyloid structures formed in vitro and in vivo, making full use of our two Titan Krios EMs in the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory.
Dr Rodrigo Gallardo
Dr Nicolas Guthertz
Nicolas joined the group in August 2017 having completed his PhD at ICR in London. His skills in protein crystallography and protein-ligand interactions are now being applied to biochemical and kinetic analysis of the early stages in the aggregation of β2-microglobulin and amylin. He is funded by the Wellcome Trust.
Dr Nicolas Guthertz
Dr Roberto Maya Martinez
Roberto joined the group in 2018 bringing skills in NMR to the group. He is funded by The Wellcome Trust and is investigating the mechanism of aggregation of proteins into amyloid and how this can be arrested using small molecules or protein affimers. He held previous positions at Grenoble in NMR having undertaken his PhD in Mexico.
Dr Roberto Maya Martinez
Dr Masatomo So
Masatomo joined the lab in March 2021 from Japan. He obtained his PhD and worked as a postdoc and assistant professor in Osaka University. He joins the amyloid team to study the mechanisms of amyloid formation of proteins such as β2m, and α-synuclein. Masatomo is funded by the Nakatani Foundation and the JSPS Core-to-Core program.
Dr Masatomo So
Ms Sabine Ulamec
Sabine is funded by the Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD programme and has chosen to study the mechanism of amyloid formation for her PhD project. She joined the group for her PhD project in summer 2018 and is co-supervised by David Brockwell. Using NMR, kinetic analyses and cryo-EM her project aims to map how α-synuclein forms amyloid in molecular detail.
Sabine Ulamec
Dr Martin Walko
Martin joined the group in 2017 funded by EPSRC. His project is collaborative with Prof Andy Wilson (Chemistry), Prof Alison Ashcroft (mass spec) and Dr Eric Hewitt (cell biology). Martin's synthetic chemistry skills are being used to synthesise Aβ40/42 containing amino acids modified by cross linkers. His project aims to determine the structure and toxicity of Aβ aggregation intermediates.
Dr Martin Walko
Dr Martin Wilkinson
Martin joined the amyloid team in October 2020 having worked previously in structural biology at Imperial College London. He is funded by the MRC with Prof Neil Ranson and his project is focussing on using cryo-EM to determine the structure of amyloid fibrils.
Dr Martin Wilkinson
Dr Yong Xu
Yong brings skills in medicinal chemistry to the group and is part of the amyloid team funded by The Wellcome Trust. He completed his PhD at Imperial College London. He is screening and designing small molecules able to arrest amyloid formation at different stages of assembly.
Dr Yong Xu
The OMP Team
OMP team
Ms Isabelle Boon
Isabelle joined the lab in October 2021 with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Leeds. She will be funded by the White Rose BBSRC DTP to work with Profs Radford and Brockwell on the mechanism of OMP folding, particularly on de novo design of trans membrane barrels and their targeting to the outer membrane
Isabelle Boon
Dr Katherine Fenn
Katherine joined the OMP team in September 2021 as a postdoc working with Profs Sheena Radford and Neil Ranson funded by the MRC to work on cryo-EM studies of BAM-catalysed outer membrane protein folding. She came to us having completed her PhD from Queen Mary London on membrane proteins involved in pathogenesis and their host-cell interactions.
Dr Katherine Fenn
Mr Sam Haysom
Sam joined the lab in Oct 2018 having completed his BSc in Biochemistry at the University of York. Funded by the White Rose BBSRC DTP, he is co-supervised by Prof Neil Ranson and is working on the structure and functional dynamics of the β-barrel assembly machinery (BAM) in the biogenesis of the bacterial cell envelop using cryo-EM.
Sam Haysom
Dr Jim Horne
Jim joined the lab in May 2021 as a postdoc to work on the structure function ralationship in BAM. He joined having completed a postdoc with Prof Ben Berks at Oxford, following his PhD in our lab. Welcome back Jim!
Dr Jim Horne
Mr Jonathan Machin
Jonathan gained an MBiochem in Biochemistry at the University of Oxford in 2019. He is funded as a Wellcome Trust PhD student and has joined our OMP team to use cryo-EM, molecular dynamics and functional assays to study the role of lipopolysaccahride in OMP structure, folding and assemby. He is jointly supervised by Sheena Radford, Antreas Kalli and Neil Ranson.
Jonathan Machin
Dr Bob Schiffrin
Bob graduated in Biochemistry at the University of Leeds in July 2012 and joined the group as a PhD student to study the mechanisms of outer membrane protein folding and the involvement of molecular chaperones in this process. Jointly supervised by Dr David Brockwell, he is now a postdoc funded by BBSRC and is studying the molecular mechanism of BAM using a suite of biophysical approaches.
Dr Robert Schiffrin
Mr James Whitehouse
James joined the group as a PhD student in Oct 2018 having graduated in Biochemistry from the University of Birmingham. Funded by a large EOS grant with colleagues in Belgium, James has joined our OMP-team, and his project will investigate the mechanism of folding and chaperoning of OMPs into the bacterial outer membrane catalysed by BAM
James Whitehouse
The Biologics Team
Biologics team
Mr Miles Deans
Miles studied at the University of Oxford, gaining his degree in 2020, before joining us to work on protein aggregation mechanisms with Prof David Brockwell. He brings us skills in bioinformatics and computational biology and will be combining experimental and computational methods to aid the prediction of protein aggregation especially of relevance to biopharma. He is funded by a BBSRC iCASE studentship with AstraZeneca.
Miles Deans
Ms Maia Harvey
We have developed a split β-lactamase system to evolve proteins with enhanced stability or to reduce their aggregation propensity. Funded on the BBSRC White Rose DTP from October 2017, and co-supervised by Prof David Brockwell and Dr Darren Tomlinson, Maia's project will develop the system further to screen for modulators of protein-protein interactions in vivo.
Maia Harvey
Ms Sammy Lawrence
Sammy is working with Sheena Radford, David Brockwell and Nik Kapur investigating how flow causes proteins to aggregate with a focus on antibodies and antibody-like molecules. She started in 2018 and is funded by the BBSRC on a CASE award with Medimmune plc and her project will focus on the use of advanced mass spectrometric methods to interrogate how proteins unfold under flow.
Sammy Lawrence
Mr Conor McKay
Conor joined the lab in October 2021, having obtained a BSc at Sheffield in Biomedical Sciences and an MSc in Experimental Pharmacology and Therapeutics Prediction at UCL. He is funded by a BBSRC CTP with AstraZeneca and is working under the joint supervision of Profs Radford and Brockwell on directed evolution and deep mutational analysis to better understand the rules guiding protein aggregation of amyloidogenic proteins and other proteins of biopharmaceutical interest. His work will combine experimental and prediction studies.
Conor McKay
Ms Romany McLure
Romany joined the group in Oct 2018, funded on a BBSRC CASE award in partnership with UCB. She is co-supervised by David Brockwell. Her research focus is to use evolutionary methods to explore the relationship between protein sequence and aggregation, with a focus on biopharmaceuticals. She joined us having completed her BSc at the University of Newcastle.
Romany McLure
Mr Alex Page
Joining the group in 2019 from The University of Sheffield and funded by a BBSRC CTP with Astra Zeneca, Alex is investigating how flow causes proteins to misfold and aggregate. Combining flow mechanics with fluorescence and other biophysical techniques his project aims to delineate an atomic model for flow-induced protein misfolding. He is jointly supervised with Prof David Brockwell.
Alex Page
Ms Ioanna Panagi
Ioanna is a PhD student funded by the BBSRC working with Nik Kapur in the School of Mechanical Engineering, Ioanna is bringing her skills in fluid dynamics to the group. Her project is also co-supervised by Prof. David Brockwell and will build novel devices and surfaces to help elucidate how, and why, flow causes proteins to aggregate. She joined the group in October 2017 having completed a BSc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds.
Ioanna Panagi
Dr Leon Willis
Leon joined the 'Biologics' team in 2014 when he commenced his EPSRC-funded PhD supervised jointly with David Brockwell and Nik Kapur. Leon currently holds an EPSRC doctoral Fellowship and is co-funded by AstraZeneca. He is continuing his fundamental studies of how and why flow causes proteins to aggregate.
Dr Leon Willis

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